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Meow! Thanks for visiting ‘Reading Tails!’ Today I am sharing an interactive, hands-on rhyming game! This game incorporates many of the ‘7 Multiple Intelligences,’ including: Visual, Auditory, Bodily-Kinestithic, and Linguistic! Follow these 5 steps to play, ‘Roll & Rhyme!’ with your little learner today!

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1= Color the rhyming pictures

2= Cut out the rhyming pictures (12 pictures total, 6 rhyming matches)

3= Tape one picture of the matching rhyme pair to a dice or cube {page 2= sock, door, vet, spoon, bear, run} Need a dice or cube? The Dollar Store always has big dice or you can use one that you have around the house! I used my 8 month old’s ‘Baby Einstein’s music cube!


4= Lay 6 pictures on the ground {page 1= clock, pour, sun, jet, moon, square

5= “Roll the Dice” and whatever picture the dice lands on, find the picture that rhymes with it to make a match!


TEACHING TIP: To help your child build an ear for rhyme, have them say each picture word until they find its rhyming match!  FOR EXAMPLE: if they roll the BEAR, have them say: “BEAR=CLOCK… BEAR=POUR… BEAR=SUN… BEAR=JET… BEAR=MOON…BEAR=SQUARE”

Happy Rolling!

Love, Mush Mush

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