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Happy July! Thanks for following along teachers and parents! All of July, Mush Mush will share interactive and fun RHYMING ACTIVITIES here on ‘Reading Tails‘ because it is RHYME TIME!



At the beginning of Kindergarten, I collected data to learn what my kiddos knew about Rhyming. I would see if they could pick out 2 words that rhymed in a group (goat/eye/coat), then I would say a word and ask them to tell me a word that rhymed with that word. I know ‘assessing’ kids isn’t always the fun side of Kindergarten, but in order for teachers to teach well and be effective, it is needed.



Do you have a Pre-K or Kindergartener? If so, you are their #1 teacher 🙂 Get them excited about rhyming (which isn’t hard to do because it is so fun #maybeiambias) because it is a critical component for them developing a strong reading foundation.

This is how I explained rhyming to my little learners:

WHAT IS RHYMING?  “Rhyming is when two words end in the same sounds”

WHY IS RHYMING IMPORTANT?  Rhyming helps them become more aware of words and how letters & sounds work together. It also provides opportunities for auditory discrimination and enriches their language development

IMG_1440When I introduce and teach rhyming… I call on my good friend Dr. Seuss. I don’t sit the kids down in a formal, teacher-directed manner… I simply just read to them and talk about words that rhyme as I go!

So go on… go to the library or Barnes and Noble and focus on books that Rhyme!

Also, visit The Measured Mom’s blog post about rhyming! She explained it well and is alway on point!

Keep following for rhyming activities 🙂


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