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Rhyming is sure musical!

After I read some of my favorite rhyming books to my sweet niece, I had her work on reading her own rhyming book called, “Can You Rhyme? It’s Rhyme Time!” Mush Mush’s created this confidence-boosting printable mini rhyming book to reinforce print concepts, sight words, and rhyme!

book pic          IMG_1582

She used the paw prints to guide her as she read the words left to right and used the pictures to ‘read’ the rhyming words. We also learned to read the sight words ‘and‘ & ‘yes.’

1=  IMG_1570  2 =  IMG_1572

3= IMG_1577   4=    IMG_1578

In four simple steps
: COLOR, CUT, STAPLE, READ… her reading and rhyming excitement grew! She was so proud of working on and reading this mini rhyming book that she brought it to Starbucks with us to read to Nemo 🙂


Please, click HERE to print Mush Mush’s printable mini rhyming book (free for the next few days) !!


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