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Mush Mush Here! I just wanted to sure with you a product that I am obsessed with using with my little learners!

Lakeshore Learning’s ‘Rhyme Photo Library’ can be used for so many different activities!


Here I am having the boy pick what cards rhyme with ‘SNAKE’ using the ‘-ake’ rhyming family 🙂


I like to lay a rhyming ‘family’ out and make up a silly rhyming sentences with them! “I put my block in my sock!” “Look at the clock! It’s time to play chalk!” “I put a lock on my rock” 🙂


I also like having the children play “what doesn’t belong” and “what two words rhyme” using these photo cards.


The real photographs of the rhyming pictures, the organization of the different rhyming ‘families’ (-et/-ock/-ail/-all), words on the back, and the amount that you get is just unbeatable!!


Happy Rhyming!

Love, Mush Mush    #mushmushreaders   @mushmushreaders