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Have you checked out Laura Stickland’s amazing clip art on TpT?

I am so thankful that I have her clip art because it helps me do my RHYMING ‘checks’ in small groups and 1-1.

Below explains 4 different ways I ‘check’ and ‘track’ rhyming in my little learners: I lay out the pictures and say the following:

1~”Which 2 words rhyme together? DOG/FROG/BUNNY… MOON/SPOON/CHAIR” 


2~”Tell me a word that rhymes with TRAIN”… “Tell me a word that rhymes with CAR”

3~”Which word doesn’t belong? NET/VET/PIG… CAT/SOCK/BLOCK”


4~Depending on the development of the child, for rhyming non-sense words, I either have the child read the words and tell me what two words rhyme together or I say the words and have them tell me what two words rhyme together   “tum/pum/pim” … “wiz/kon/yiz”)  


Print these clip out tools HERE and make your own flashcards to help you learn if your little learners are grasping the concept of RHYME!

****I also have my ‘Rhyming Informative Data-Tracking’ sheets available HERE that you can use to document student’s rhyming progress as you work in small groups and 1-1. This was a GREAT time saver for me and helped me know what my little learners needed help with or had mastered!!****


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