We know it is important to explain to our kids what they are learning (thank you Marzano!)… but having a VISUAL to match that helps even more. In the beginning of the year when I learn how each one of my students learn best, I find that at least 95% of them learn better when I have a 3-D visuals included in my lesson.

IMG_1435           rhymy the rabbit

When I talk about rhyming, I bring out my “Rhyme Time Clock” and “Rhymy the Rabbit.” This gives my little learners 2 solid visual cues that we are going to rhyme!

Just the visual of my clock and rabbit triggers their brain to think “rhyme” and reminds them that they need to perk up their ears like a rabbit and LISTEN!

Have your kids make their own “Rhymy the Rabbit!”

rhymy puppet           all 3 images rhymy

They can use this little popsicle puppet at circle or at a reading center to help them listen for and find rhyming words!  *I even use this for a rhyming INFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT in small and large groups 🙂 *

Download and print HERE  ( I put 4 on a page to save on paper!!)

Happy Rhyming!


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