Thanks for visiting, Reading Tails, again! Mush Mush has loved sharing his TRAVEL activities with you and he is excited to share another one today! (see past posts for other Travel activities)

Traveling with your family is so fun! I have great childhood memories of traveling to Nebraska to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I loved packing my suitcase and going on an airplane! Discuss with your kids what they will need to pack for your upcoming trip (even if it is a STAY-cation)!!

To reinforce things they may need to pack, Mush Mush created this printable, mini sight word reader called, “I’m Going on a Trip!” Click here to download and print this reader!

IMG_1222           IMG_1219

I loved watching the 2 kids below enjoy this activity!

The boy pictured below literally said, “but I can’t read.” Well, after reviewing the sight words and discussing the number and picture words… he read the book and I witnessed his reading confidence grow!!!

They loved coloring Ben’s clothes, counting how many of each item Ben packed, and brainstorming about where they thought he was traveling too!  They had fun coloring, cutting, and reading Mush Mush’s printable, mini sight word book and I know your child will too!

IMG_1253     IMG_1256        IMG_1263         IMG_1264

Happy Travels!


Mush Mush