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In my last post, I shared one of Mush Mush’s ‘mini- printable’ Sight Word Readers called, “Traveling is Fun!” I hope you downloaded it! (if not, visit my last post!)

Today I am excited to share with you a simple, yet engaging transportation vocabulary activity 🙂 Click on the link at the bottom to download this activity.

Transportation Vocabulary Cards


!!!! My experience with this activity was eye-opening!!!! The sweet, rising Kindergartner pictured below had a tough time creating sentences using the vocabulary cards. She either named things that were associated with the picture or did not create a complete sentence. For example, when she saw the BOAT card, she said, ‘fishing’; when she saw the TRAIN card, she said, ‘Choo-Choo slow.’

IMG_1086       IMG_1081

1- Have your child cut the picture and word cards out

2- Glue the picture and matching word back to back.

3- Have her flip over 1 card at a time and use its word in a sentence. (TIP: expand on her sentences! What color is it? How big is it? Where is the vehicle going? What time is the vehicle going out?)

link to download  

What way do they want to travel this summer? 🙂

Thank you for visiting! I will continue with TRAVEL on my next post, so keep following MUSH MUSH and me !



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