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Teaching a child that each letter makes a sound gets me as excited as the Target Dollar Spot or when Back-To-School supplies invade stores in August 🙂 All of June Mush Mush has shared different TRAVEL activities that promote travel vocabulary, conversation, and reading confidence; and today Mush Mush has another one! Mush Mush is excited to share his ‘Sound Cards’ with your family. These particular ‘Sound Cards’ focus on different vehicles you can use when you travel! Simply READ, COLOR, CUT, & READ AGAIN! Click HERE to download and print this activity from my TpT store! (free for the next few days!)


  1. Say the name and discuss each vehicle.
  2. Discuss the first sound they hear when they say each name. For example say, “Train. The first sound you hear in train is /t/ ‘train’” (TIP: The sound for /t/ is a stop sound, it does not carry out like the sound for /m/ or /z/. Therefore, you cannot hold the sound for long).
  3. Guide him to put his pointer finger on the first paw print. Say the letter sound ONE time per paw print (this helps build one-one correspondence) and then say the vehicle’s name. “/t/ /t/ /t/ train.”
  4. After discussing the vehicles & beginning sounds, color and cut out the cards.
  5. Put them in a line and practice “reading” the Sound Cards. (we mixed up the vehicles and said the sounds again!)

IMG_1338    IMG_1346

IMG_1348   IMG_1349

Happy Travels!

Love, Mush Mush