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Hello! Mush Mush here 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the last two Modes of Transportation activities (see my 2 prior posts)! The following sight word matching game was a hit with my kiddos! Click on the link below to download this fun Modes of Transportation Sight Word matching game. (FREE for the next few days, then you can find it here at my TeachersPayTeachers store for purchase)

Sight Word Matching Game (take it and play while you travel!!)


  • Follow the visual directions:  1-color  2- cut  3- glue (I used index cards so the kids couldn’t see the image through the thin paper)
  • Glue 1 card per index card (you will need 16 index cards)
  • *If your time is limited, cut and glue the cards yourself*
  • When a player gets a match, use the sight word AND mode of transportation word in a sentence, (example: “I have a train near my house.”  OR  “The yellow helicopter flew by my house.”)! Explain the sight word and discuss the mode of transportation!
  • After you finish the matching game, count each player’s ‘pairs’ (I had to explain how to count them by pairs and not by card)

click here to download and print

IMG_1067        IMG_1073

Thank you for visiting. I will continue with TRAVEL on my next post so keep following MUSH MUSH and me for fun, learning activities!


***REMEMBER: above items FREE for next 2 days, then you can buy all 3 for just $2 here)