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If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go? Do you know where your kids would want to go? Mush Mush wants you to engage in conversation about this while using his new illustrating activity!

One of my favorite things to do with children is something I like to call, “Dialogue and Draw.” “Dialogue and Draw” is when the children draw a picture and you sit with them and have a conversation on the topic they are drawing about. Sounds so simple right? But to be honest, in the busyness of the classroom or home, it sometimes is hard to just sit and have a good conversation!


I love to watch their illustration ‘thought-process’ unfold as they talk with me.

The two children below loved telling me how they want to go to the beach! This opened the door for a great conversation! We talked about what beach they wanted to travel to, how far away it was, what vehicle they wanted to use to get there, what the beach looked like, what they would bring, games they would play in the water, animals they hoped to see (and what ones they hoped not to AKA a SHARK!), and so much more!! Download this “Dialogue and Draw” activity from my TpT store HERE. *Take a picture of your child’s illustration and tag me on Instagram @kindergarten_and_christ or #mushmushreaders  🙂

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Happy Travels!

Love, Mush Mush