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I sure love Michael’s themed foam stickers! I used the ‘Pet-Themed’ foam stickers for this TRAVEL activity!


I had this sweet kindergartener pick one of these books for me to read where an animal goes on a traveling adventure! She picked, ‘Masiy Goes on Vacation.’ Masiy the Mouse took a train and went to the beach!! She had quite the traveling adventure 🙂

After I read the book, I had her pick an animal and create her own little story! Click HERE to download and print this story sheet from my TPT store! (FREE for the next few days)


She wanted to create a story about a turtle who traveled! First, she illustrated HOW the turtle traveled. Next, she illustrated WHERE the turtle traveled. Her turtle traveled by TRUCK to the TURTLE POOL!!  She sen drew him a ladder so he could get in safely 🙂 I loved talking with her about her turtle’s traveling adventures.

IMG_1362      IMG_1368

Thanks for following Mush Mush on ‘Reading Tails’ all of June. He loved sharing his TRAVEL activities with you! Next month stay following because all of July Mush Mush will share everything RHYMING!


Love, Mush Mush