Frequently Asked Questions

MushMushIf you have some questions about Mush Mush Readers and how they’ve been created to help, read below! I’ve put together information on topics and questions that I’m asked most often.

Mush Mush would love to ensure that you are developing a strong reading foundation in your child. Mush Mush Readers empower children to elevate the trajectory of their reading success starting at an early age via sight words and picture words. These readers help strengthen sight word fluency, increase vocabulary, 1-1 correspondence, instill concepts of print with minimal instruction, and foster reading confidence! Teaching a child to read is a huge responsibility! Mush Mush Readers give reading opportunities to children that foster a desire to learn, expand their reading capacity, and allow them to achieve success beyond what they are able to imagine! Mush Mush would LOVE to partner with you as your child begins their reading journey! (picture example from Book 5: Learning at School)

What are Sight Words?

Text examples of sight words Sight words are taught to children between Pre-Kindergarten and 3rd grade and are words that children see over and over again when they are learning to read. Sight
words are difficult to sound out and decode, therefore, they must be memorized in order to achieve reading fluency.

How can Mush Mush help?

Named after the author’s friendly and fluffy cat, Mush Mush Readers give your child the opportunity to learn sight words and read books that are both educational and engaging. When you purchase Mush Mush Readers, your child gets the following 10 early sight word readers in the set:

Using the following developmentally appropriate techniques, Mush Mush Readers are designed to increase your child’s sight word knowledge and reading confidence:

  • Repetitive Sentence StructureIllustration of three children cooking with text illustration of a family with mother, father, baby and two children with text
  • One Sight Word Learned Per Book
  • Picture Words (rebuses)
  • Word-to-Word Paw Pointers
  • Colorful Illustrations

Are they difficult to read?

Learning to read using Mush Mush Readers is easy!
Simply have your child follow these 3 easy reading steps for success:

  1. Learn and review the sight word with her on the back cover
  2. Make sure he places his index finger on the paw pointer to read each word (if he adds words to the sentence, remind him to read one word per paw pointer)
  3. Encourage her to look at the illustrations to figure out the picture word