early readersholding book
5 Ways Mush Mush Readers help your child learn to read:

1- They expose them to learning concepts of print such as, holding a book and turning pages
2- They only need to identify and memorize 1 new sight word per book, no decoding or sight word overload
3- They promote the development of 1-1 correspondence when they point to each paw print and read the word above
4- Each page has a colorful rebus (picture-word) in the sentence; which helps them read words that they cannot yet sound out
5- The repetitive sentence structure in each book helps them feel less anxiety as they continue reading the book, boosting reading confidence!

Learning to read is an exciting adventure for your child! It can either bring feelings of joy or feelings of frustration… Mush Mush is confident that his ‘Mush Mush Readers’ will help bring feelings of joy to your precious child’s heart!